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Emergency Light Program


The 911 Market Dash Light program was designed for departments who provide Dash and Visor Lights to their responders as a way of offering selection to your members, while controlling your departments budget.

How Does The Program Work?

911 Market will work with you to choose a dash or visor light that your department will provide to your members. Once selected, 911 Market will issue Dash Light Gift Cards which are equal to the total cost of the dash or visor light, taxes and discounted shipping. When your members are in need of a light, they can visit 911 Market online and purchase their choice of light, with their gift card. If they choose to purchase a larger or more expensive Green Light, the cost/value of the Dash Light Gift Card will be applied towards their choice and it will be the members responsibility to pay any difference between the value of the Dash Light Gift Card, and the actual cost of their green light.

Can these gift cards be used for anything else?

In simplest terms... NO.

Our Green Light Gift Cards are programmed to work only with our dash and visor lights, so members are not able to use these cards to purchase badges, patches, pins, decals or any other products, except for a dash or visor light.

How long are the gift cards valid for?

911 Market will program all Dash Light Gift Cards for a period of 3 years. This will ensure their is plenty of time to make use of the card or hold them over to the next fiscal budget.

What will the cards look like?

The Dash Light Gift Cards will be similar to the sample card above. We will reach out and work with you and your department to place your logo or patch on the front of the card to fully customize the experience for your members.

Is this program for Green Lights Only?

911 Market teams up with each department to ensure lights are available in approved colours. In the case of Ontario and Quebec, it may be Green for their members, while Prince Edward Island may allow Red and White lights for their members. When designing the program, we will ensure it is the perfect fit for both your department and members.

More Questions?

If you have more questions or would like to learn how the 911 Market Dash Light program can benefit your department and members, please contact us.

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