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Design Tips

How to Customize Your Product

911 Market is pleased to offer our customers the ability to customize many of our products online, and submit your order ready for production, ensuring you get the exact product appearance you would like, with minimal fuss, and once you sign in to our site you can even save your designs or send them to a friend.
The tips and tricks we list here are intended to help you design the best looking products in an easy and stress free manner.  If you have any questions, you are always welcome to reach out via our Contact Us page or by Phone.  We are always happy to help!

Background Images

You will notice on our custom product background pictures, we have included 2 sets of lines.  An inside PINK line and an outside BLACK solid or dash line.

The inside PINK line is the actual design area of the product, however, sometimes there can be a slight variance in printing, imprinting, embroidering or cutting products.  To help compensate for these variances we provide a space between the PINK and BLACK lines called a bleed area.

Bleed is artwork that is extended beyond the actual dimensions of a graphic. It is used to avoid strips of white background or variances, showing on the edges of your product when cut, printed, imprinted or embroidered. When we produce your produce, we will use this bleed area to ensure your have a high quality product that we can all be proud of.

Image Resolution

When you are designing your product, the image you are working with is normally much smaller on the screen than the actual product. When we take your uploaded graphic and extend it to fit your product, ALL low resolution images or "small" pictures will be stretched and the clarity will become blurry and pixelated.

To ensure you get the best possible results, you should always use high resolution pictures which should be at least 200dpi (dots per inch) or full size. It's a good thing when you have to reduce the size of your uploaded picture or graphic to fit the product area. The bigger the better!

Menu Selection

The menu selection for our customization software is found on the left side of the page.

Designs - In this area you can select the Upload Image option to upload your images from your computer, tablet or phone to the online canvass.

Background - In this area you will find a selection of background images that can be used in your design.

Text - This option allows you to create and place text, change fonts, move and resize your text and a bunch of additional options to make the text you have added, exactly as you would like.

My Designs - If you have registered and signed in to 911 Market, you have the ability to save your designs and complete them at a later date. You can also import a past design and update it for use a second, third or even fourth time.

Layers - When you create a product, every time you add a new graphic or text, it is placed on a "layer". Each layer can be moved forward, backwards, deleted or even hidden from design view. When you need to remove or change an item you have in your design, you can view the Layers tab to choose the layer you need and make the changes required.

Guide Lines

When moving text and graphics around your canvass, you will notice yellow lines that appear and disappear horizontally and vertically. These lines help guide you to the center of a height or width and are a great resource to help ensure placement is precise.

Specialty Products

Helmet Sidebars - Our helmet sidebars allow you to your custom text on a fire helmet sidebar. To start the process, go to the Text tab and enter your text and place it in the sidebar.

Next, we recommend you change the font to ARIAL BLACK to ensure a nice thick, crisp text on your decal, then click on the arc button.

The arc button allows you to change the angle of the text to fit the sidebar. Depending on the number of characters, the text may start to narrow, but should always remain BOLD, and the same height. You have the option of sliding the bar, entering a number value direction or hovering over the number and using the up/down arrows to fine turn your angle to ensure it fits the sidebar perfectly. These helmet sidebars are sold individually. If you need a pair for your helmet, please order 2.

Front Helmet Decal - Our front helmet decals are a standard size and you can apply both images and text to these to meet your needs. You can apply text in the same manner as above with the "arc button" to ensure your text looks good prior to placing your order. These decals are sold individually.

Tetrahedrons (Helmet Tets) - Here you can design and create your own custom Tets on our canvass for your helmet. Our helmet tets are sold in pairs.

ID Cards - With the investment of our high end card printer we now have the availability to offer 100% card coverage in a 300 dpi resolution with enhanced security features if necessary. For best results, you can always design your id card in your preferred graphics program and upload the finished file to the canvass to product your custom id card.

File Formats Accepted

Currently our design canvass will allow you to upload .jpg, .gif, .svg, .png, .jpeg graphic file formats only.

911 Market Help & Design Services

911 Market is always to help guide you in designing your products, we are only an email or phone call away.

If you would prefer to leave the design work to our professionals, we offer a fee based design service where a member of our team will work with you to achieve the desired goals of your project. Contact us for more details and information.

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